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Fred, come back....we need you!

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Hi Fred, It seems to me that you now are more demoralized, than were tired. You should understand, that not only forum adminis support you but all users of competition. except few unhappy envious persons.Think again and take control over the situation. it is silly to refuse, build up and give it to others such project which now is possible to bring up to a new level., and money wise too. Also, its your dream. And here are couple people who try to ruin it for you. I think you will make a correct choice, your decision.

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Hello, Fred!

In latest years, DW has become a worldwide event. Thousands of beginners as well as professionals are waiting for it. And that it was made by one man, from the scratch, this is a great deed.You have spent a lot of time and strength. I think you shouldn't give it up. I was surprised to know that the DW is an unprofitable business. May be next year you may set the price for the participation. I think that 1-2 $ will be an acceptable price for anyone who wants to take part in the competition, but the total amount can help you to develop DW further.

best regards, Timophey Repin

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Fred, you the first who has thought over it, have united all creative people, is simple - who if not you? you the first in the world, you the good fellow. I am glad that I live at this time. Thank you so much, do not worry everything will be fine. Sorry my English language.

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Hi there Fred! Yep, i think too, that DW without you it's not DW. You are founder and without you DW and UC may fall into pieces. But i believe in your words and i hope all will be fine. I agree with KageRott, it's your choice and i believe too that you will come back:) Thank you! You are the best leader for all of us! I wish you good luck!

Best regards


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Hello Fred, Thank you for DV!

This is one of the biggest events in the field of computer graphics throughout the history of its existence! Great large, dynamic, visible and exciting international competition of artists -great contribution to the history of computer graphics and unification of artists from different countries.

And now he is under threat.

lent to 5 years of his life, legacy and life for him is a feat!

this act!

Now What? "It was all in vain? but how are we? We have many thousands of them! We hordes! "

And we lowered our standard bearer.

I beg you!

I insist! "

Several greedy competitor in front of our countless hordesWay we less important?! We believe in you and your mission.We go for you.Up our banner and lead us on! "Only a leader can pick it up, selfless hero.

Way of the Samurai ..

the will to win, patience, self-set and fearlessness.

Another is the ability to overcome my emotions.

Now you need -stop.

Relax and think.

there is no reason to give his life's work because of minor squabbles and empty threats ..

reason -1.you was 1 end gave all .. you are tired.

it's not fair! Call us and we will come to the rescue!

I and many others are willing to pay for participation in dv.you think -how necessary that it was not at a loss?

All of my fellow countrymen say, will participate in the DW without prizes!-Idea-thing!

if part of the organizational issues will take more someone participates, himself!

I was one of the organizers of the "women-legend" and do the work for the competition ..

without the right to the prize and plase.or next to the other! It's fun! Great!

Be Great! Do not give up! Lift up the banner of dW! We stand beside you and trust you, We'll follow you!

Alena Klementyeva. (Aka Fish-KA).

Forgive me for my bad little English for my big love! (

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Fred, as I said you before: we're all need you. I'm not kidding, we want you come back to us and DW cause without you it will be different, and I'm not sure it'll be better

DW and UC is your and only your children, you bring them to life so don't give up and don't leave us.

You should take a little break, yeah. I know you tired and this situation is awful and hurt. But as I said, we're on your side. Take a break for some rest and come back.


Tatiana Vetrova /NorthernChild/

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Do that should and come what may!

If stir in a way, means true road you go Fred! We with you!

clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap

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Hey Fred! I just want to say that some thing unite different people. It may be music or some sort of art or hobby... But you are the one who did this unite fifth time already! We are so THANK YOU! This is just Amazing time, great event, unique experience for us all!!!

But this is last time when You are give us this present. We just don't believe that without You DW will be the same... We believe in YOU! And in our eyes you're always be not just simple little ninja, but a real Jedi Master!!! "May the Force be with you, Fred"!

And may be one day you will say to us "Hey guys, lets make some WAR!" And you know what?


Good luck, Fred!!!!

(Eugene K.)

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Dear Fred!

First of all I would like to thank you for such a unique CG challenge, in which each artist, regardless of its ability to receive a lot of opportunities to express themselves, show your creative world, and of course to fill his cup of knowledge during the Challenge of the Masters gamedev. Of course I and many would like to have that lump, it is the most anticipated art event was conducted on your behalf, but you would not be continued on their way, it will be the right decision.

Thank you for Dominance war! Wink

Good luck!

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