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Новый конкурсный проект от CGTrader. Призовой фонд - $13 000

Подробности: http://www.cgtrader.com/challenges/3d-cg-architecture-challe...

Click by click, brick by brick - create your own concept building or your dream house, or redesign an existing structure for purposes other than those for which it was originally intended. It's a thrilling challenge created to ignite enthusiasm and curiosity in 3D designers who have inspiring ideas how to take the modern architecture to the next level. We've turned the challenge into an annual competition, since we know how much you love the category. If we had to describe the winning designs in a few words, we'd probably go with awe-inspiring and authentic.

Only this time we're running the challenge in a slightly different fashion. There will be two separate categories - Best 3D Interior and Best 3D Exterior models. So when you set out to design your concept cities, buildings and interiors, please keep in mind that this time we don't have the best 3D portfolio category - we're looking for the most impressive designs of both 3D interiors and 3D exteriors.

The best visionary proposals will receive awesome prizes: HDRI Sky Moments: Bundles and Time-Lapse HDRI Sky Domes of choice by Hyper Focal Design, SolidRocks licences (3dsmax or c4d) by Subburb, 250MB Premium memberships by CGTextures, V-Ray Material Presets Pro for 3ds Max by Siger Shop, 500 ? rendering credits by Ranch Computing, MoskitoRender full licenses by Cebas, special prizes by E-on Software and promotional features by CGTrader.

We can't wait to take a tour around your dream house/skyscraper/or building and give away the prize pool of more than $13 000!

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