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Photoshop CS1

Corel Painter IX

Wacom a4

весна 2007



Зеленый-красный...Сила! Как уже сказал, хорошая графика ! *****

05.09.2008 в 01:10 #

композиция хороша!

05.09.2008 в 02:51 #

Красиво! И чернушно. Смешанное впечатление смерти. Но все равно красиво.

05.09.2008 в 09:28 #

Ой, ну я даю... совсем забыла запостить текст песни, которой эта работа обязана....

Green Carnation

"Dead but Dreaming"

If there were no darkness

There would be no light

If there were no rain

There would be tears in my eyes

I am life I am death

Before you see the light

You must take your last breath

I don't feel what I am supposed to feel

I don't dream what I am supposed to dream

I don't say what I am supposed to say

I don't see what I am supposed to see

Dead but dreaming

You make me strong and I make you weak

The perfect mismatch and disharmony

Tired are the feet

That crossed the floor

Hell's doing great but I am serving no more

If there were no heaven

There would be no hell

If I couldn't feel

I would probably hurt myself

I open my eyes but I cannot see

The people I looked up to are not for real

Lonely is the soul empty are the eyes

Vague is the flame that used to burn in your eyes

Knocking before passing through the doors

The love that used to live here

Lives no more

Dead but dreaming, memories remain

The flesh summons pain and I do the same

Silent Anguish and silent scream

She screams for more and that is not a dream

07.09.2008 в 16:21 #

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