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i started this project 1 year ago because i wanted to add something interesting to my demo reel, i always loved interior lighting but never had the chance to make any, after i quite my last job i thought its the time to start and improve my reel

i spent most of the time in mental ray part while creating this project.

there was a lot to troubleshoot and learn, i changed the floor, walls and rugs textures and materials so many times till i settle up, i used final gather only with sun and sky, background and color correction are done in Fusion.

-the painting on the front wall is called: The_Musician by the artist: Brian Hinkle

link: http://www.brianhinkleart.com/Paintings.html



Good! Interesting perspective and nice colors))

12.04.2009 в 18:25 #

Thank you for the nice comment, its my honor to be presented in the gallery )

12.04.2009 в 18:31 #

Very good!

12.04.2009 в 23:10 #

spasiba Smile

12.04.2009 в 23:13 #

Very realistic work. Successes further )))

13.04.2009 в 12:23 #

Thanks a lot, I'm glad you like it Smile

13.04.2009 в 12:25 #

It is real pleasure to watch this work! Interesting compose and warm colours Mad

14.04.2009 в 15:41 #

Thank you Thill I'm pleased to hear your comment, i wanted the mode of the scene to feel warm, i,m glad to see it this way, i made other shot from the same angle but a little bit different, i will post it soon

14.04.2009 в 19:08 #
Felix 17

Excellent work!!! I was delighted with it.

I'm glad to see а new pro here. Smile

15.04.2009 в 02:17 #

so pleasant to hear your comment, thank you Felix Smile

15.04.2009 в 02:39 #

very strong work! GOSU) (god of the starcraft) or simple - god)

15.04.2009 в 10:30 #

вери гужная работа... одна из немногих которая мне понравилась

23.10.2009 в 12:55 #

ilopX, spasiba

Thank you all guys, i have update for this image i fixed some shadow issues and decreased the saturation since its at day time and the sun is strong, i will render big size as soon as i have time and re post the new image

23.10.2009 в 01:14 #

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