Ethnique 2010 - Legend of a Woman / Contest

Ethnique 2010 Legend of a Woman

  - is an eternal theme for all kinds of art. Every year artists from all over the world post lots of images portraying the fair, and there seems no way to stop this flow.
          The idea of this challenge is quite simple - to create a series of artworks united by one theme – female beauty as national legend.
          Woman’s beauty has many faces – you can find it in Aztec goddess or Scandinavian Valkyrie, Chinese princess or English duchess. There is nothing better than their historical background and their ethnic environment to emphasize their characters, to frame their beauty. That's the first reason why we've chosen such an "academic" theme. And the second - we just find it pretty interesting and useful for every artist to turn to historical roots for inspiration.
          Every participant can choose for artistic presentation any dramatic female character of any culture from all over the world.
          Best pieces of art will be chosen for an art book , publication that we intend to do.

          Creation an iconic images of famous female legends in their ethnic and historical environment. The only restriction is that the character should have a historical, mythical or legendary background and suitable ethnic environment.

Женский образ как национальная легенда

Героиня фольклора Национальный образ	Исторический персонаж Литературный герой

           The final image must be a self-sufficient artwork appropriate to the challenge theme and clear in its idea and background. The image can be 2d illustration or 3d render as much as any of the traditional art materials. It can be even a sculpt or a doll – if it is presented dramatically and interesting on the photo. Photo art itself is excluded because the subject of the image must be handmade.

           1. Challenge starts on 13.04.2010 and finishes on 13.07.2010.
           2. To participate each challenger is required to create his own theme in WIP-section of or any other convenient forum. There challenger should submit Work In Progress (WIP) images, from the initial concept sketch (for both 2D,3D and sculpture/dolls entries) to wire frame models, texturing in progress all the way to the final render (for 3D) and final colored piece (for 2D) or sculpture shot.
- Contest 2D WIP
- Contest 3D WIP
- Traditional art WIP


For those participants who will make the artwork using Z-Brush, need to duplicate their WIP on site, with reference to this page at the beginning WIP threads.
Photos accepted as reference, as soon as they do not violate copyright. You should post reference photos you use too.
           3. At the beginning of the WIP it is necessary to present your character as an idea. And at the end - brief description of its history.
           4. Challengers are allowed to post as much entries as they can. But remember - it’s better to make one really completed artwork than few half-done ones.
           5. All forum submissions will be in JPG format, with the exception of the final image, which will be both JPG and a print-resolution uncompressed format (PNG or TIFF) 2000-3500 pixels.
           6. Final image should be aesthetically acceptable, reflecting essence of character’s background. Nudity is accepted when it’s necessary for displaying character’s essence and environment. Aphrodite, Cleopatra or just native African –characters like these really require some nudity.

After the end of challenge all final images should be sent to during 5 days.

The form of message:
Email Address:
Website: http://
WIP theme (Work-In-Progress): http://
Image Title:
Copyrights Owner:
Software Used in Creation of Image:
Brief Description of Image: Tell us about the image – background info, inspiration – the more, the better!

The best three dimension work (3D Art, Schulpture, Arts & Crafts)
The best two dimension work(2D Art, Painting, Graphics)
- ZBrush license, which will be free upgradable to ZBrush 4
Forum medal
- 15 skill points
- T-shirt with Autodesk logo
- ZBrush license, which will be free upgradable to ZBrush 4
Forum medal
- 15 skill points
- T-shirt with Autodesk logo

Challengers, whose artworks deserve to be printed in the art book but lack completeness, can finalize them after the deadline during the two weeks-long additional time. In this case they won’t be allowed to participate in the challenge results.

           Below are presented some examples for the styles of artworks. You can use them as guidelines or create something in your own style.

Traditional painting 3D Arts & Crafts
Женский образ как национальная легенда

Frederick-Arthur-Bridgman Krishnamurti-Costa Daniel-Dos-Santos Audrey-Kawasaki Ivelin-Trifonov


We wish all challengers lots of creativity, professionalism and success in this competition!


Results  (тема будет открыта 18.07.2010)

Случайные работы 3D

Синее Море
инопланетный дино

Случайные работы 2D

Неожиданное знакомство!))
Лунное дерево
Белый орк